About us

About SWS

Sudanese Wildlife Society

It was established in July 2000, the SWS is a secular non-political, non-profitable and indigenous national organization(NGO)that works in collaboration with governmental organs concerned with wildlife conservation.

SWS is a partner to the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre/ Network (Ho ARE/N).


  • Conduct awareness programs related to wildlife conservation in Sudan
  • Encourage research leading to the conservation of wildlife and their respective habitats.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the society and the national, regional and international organizations concerned with wildlife conservation.
  • Encourage the establishment of zoos in the main cities as a tool for wildlife education and conservation in Sudan.


  • Initiating and implementing endangered species program
  • Initiating and implementing annual waterbird census.
  • Enhance capacity building for SWS members.
  • Organize and participating in wildlife affairs such as fairs, seminars, symposiums and workshops.


Natural habitats and ecosystems are protected to sustain wildlife for the benefit of humanbeings.


To conserve wildlife for the present and future generations.

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